Cinéma L'amour Announce Central Canadian Tour

June 23 - Thunder Bay, ON - The Apollo w/ Guests
June 24 - Winnipeg, MB - The Rocker w/ Brothers + Right On
June 27 - Peterborough, ON - Canary Indie Arts Festival
June 28 - Toronto, ON - The Drake Hotel w/ Guests
June 30 - Hamilton, ON - The Casbah w/ The American Dollar
July 1 - Kitchener, ON - Millsy's Billiards
July 3 - Ottawa, ON - Canteen Gallery w/ Adam Saikaley

July 6 - Montréal, QC - Bar St. Laurent 2 w/ Ultra Mega + Welsh Cinema

After six months of wowing audiences close to home, Montréal's reigning kings of loop-based avant-rock are taking their two man sonic assault on the road across central Canada this summer. Nearly a decade after forming their first band, the pair are ready to share their schizophrenic song structures, gorgeously layered melodies and mind-blowing live show with the country.

Effects wizard Dorian Scheidt and multitasking drummer/keyboardist Chris Kavanagh have quickly been making names for themselves in Montréal's vibrant music community. Living, rehearsing, recording and breathing music together in a DIY inner city loft space, the duo surround themselves with influences and artistic outlets. On the stage, they bring forth positively staggering sonic constructions, shocking crowds with the sheer mass of sound the two are able to control with grace and surgical precision.

Recorded mostly live off the floor, the Red Envelope EP is a fitting document of the rapid fire time changes, emotive explosions and monstrous auditory dreamscapes that are staples of Cinéma L'amour's live show. Selling out the initial run within a single performance of its release, it's clear that these two Calgary ex-pats are throwing down something worthy of being picked up.

Separated for almost two years by the whims of University, the childhood friends have spent the last year relentlessly experimenting, and can't wait to deliver the results!

"If you listened to these guys with your eyes closed you'd think you had at least a 3 to 4 piece band playing for you... Kavanagh bangs ferociously at his drums with obvious skill, and Scheidt peeks over a sea of guitar pedals, looping his erratic vocals and distorted guitar to create veritable walls of sound." Meet you at the Show

"You wind up staring in curious fascination, trying to figure out what exactly Dorian is doing between guitar riffs and loops and how Chris learned to play the way he can... at about the point where Dorian yells, 'Let us not waste our youth,' I realized these guys were onto something." Sun On The Sand

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